Firebird New Material--Only focused on insulation refractory materials.


Firebird New Material Technology Co., Limited designs, manufactures and distributes insulation refractory materials and aims to become an important participant in energy-saving materials for industrial furnaces.


Vision: Improve Profitability to Partners

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We are committed to tailor solutions for your distinct application. In our own workshops, we produce:


• FJM23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32 Insulating Firebrick;

• GMK22, 23, 24 Anorthite Insulating Firebrick;

• BA90 & BA99 Bubble Alumina Bricks;

• HA90 & HA99 Corundum Brick;

• 10MPa High Strength Insulating Bricks & Slabs;

• Ceramic Fiber Board & Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber Shapes;

We also distribute:

• GGR0.6 to GGR1.2 Silica Insulating Firebrick;

• Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Paper, Module, Bulk etc.;

• 1000°C &1100°C Calcium Silicate Board;

• FCS-50, FCS-85C & FCS-85G High Density Calcium Silicate Board;


Process determines results, control creates trust.

Some tips of quality assurance system.

• Production plan will be provided after order;

• Each week production progress report with photos & videos;

• Each batch goods test report;

• Appearance, dimension & weight check list;

• Transportation and container loading photos;


Firebird insulation refractory has been exported to over 40 countries and regions such as EU, USA, Russia, South America, etc.

We look forward to working together with you in your next project!


Insulating Firebrick Production Facility 

Bubble Alumina & Corundum Brick Production Facility

Ceramic Fiber Production Facility

Calcium Silicate Board Production Facility

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